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​Empower through knowledge.

Financial literacy is the first step toward establishing healthy financial habits. That's why we empower community members by offering financial literacy resources and education.


Financial Literacy

Whether it's helping create a budget, providing tips to keep your money safe and avoid common scams, or delivering Each One Teach One financial literacy workshops, it's all part of building financially healthy communities.

Increasing financial literacy is core to our existence. A favorite example of this is Ruth Allan - known fondly as the 'Credit Union Lady' - who was the beloved administrator of the First Credit Union (then Powell River Credit Union) School Savings Program from 1957 to 1980. She is still credited by many of our members as the person who taught them the value of saving. Ruth's work is the inspiration for our purpose.


Each One Teach One

We offer Each One, Teach One workshops to support individuals in their quest for the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve financial well-being. These courses, in partnership with other credit unions across Canada, create healthy financial habits that get passed down to positively impact generations to come.  

Contact us about hosting an EOTO workshop or discuss your financial literacy needs. 

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A little know-how goes a long way

Explore our Knowledge Centre to learn more about how to protect yourself and loved ones against online fraud.


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