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Make your home ownership dreams come true.

We'll look at your financial picture holistically, so we can help get the right mortgage for you. We take the stress out of mortgage eligibility with practical tools and personal solutions.


Mortgage calculator 

Use our mortgage calculator to see what your monthly payments could look like based on the size of your down payment. A home mortgage can be used to purchase a property or to borrow against its equity. Use our calculator.

Fixed and variable rate mortgages

We'll help you decide on a fixed or variable rate mortgage. The option you choose may depend on the stability of your income and your comfort level if interest rates start to rise.

  • A fixed mortgage is a secure, locked-in interest rate and payment amount. You know exactly what you pay month over month, year over year. 
  • A variable mortgage  is more flexible. Interest rate changes over time.

Depending on the timing of your pay day and how quickly you want to pay off your mortgage, you can choose from multiple payment schedules. Get in touch so we can look at your current financial situation and make a plan together.  

The advantage of CreditMaster 

CreditMaster® is a re-advanceable mortgage product that allows flexibility with borrowing. The money you put into your mortgage today is money you can use tomorrow.  

For more information, contact us at or contact your local branch here

Diverse mortgage options

Construction Mortgage 

A construction mortgage lets you access funds as you move through the build. Once you know approximately how much you'd like to spend on your build, talk to us about financing options. We consider financing based on the future value of your home. 

Commercial Mortgage

We're just as knowledgeable about commercial mortgages as residential. Learn more about how we can help. Learn more.


Advantages of refinancing can include:

  • Consolidate your debt at one low rate
  • A shorter mortgage term and less interest over time
  • Access to additional funds for renovations or whatever you may need
  • Lower rates 


Ready to talk about getting or changing a mortgage?

Book an in-person or phone appointment with a local financial services representative today.



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The value of financial advice

A qualified financial planner can help you achieve your goals using financial planning tools, investment expertise and tax planning. Learn why finding the right financial advisor can be extremely valuable for your financial future.