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Borrowing can feel good with the right advice.

We're here to listen and help you get started with your unique plan or life-long dream. We want to hear about your plans for a home, car, business, renovation, or whatever it is you love.

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Borrowing Products & Services


​Personal Loans

You and your dedicated First Credit Union team member will look at your total financial picture and create a manageable, customized borrowing plan

Lines of Credit

A line of credit is ready when and where you need it. Learn about this easy, flexible way to have the things that matter most, when you need them.


We know your community. We can help you get the home of your dreams and best of all we're just down the street when you need us.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be a powerful tool. Collect rewards, choose from low fees or get cash back. Whatever your needs, we'll make sure to find the right card for you.

Borrowing for Business

We'll look at your business's full financial picture and tailor an ideal solution for you and your team. It's all part of being a member and part of our community.


As a member, you can count on our local team to help you make important financial decisions.


Ready to talk about mortgages or borrowing for what’s next?

Book an in-person or phone appointment with a local financial services representative today.

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