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Working towards a more sustainable future

As a financial co-operative we are dedicated to bettering the planet and taking action.


Environmental Responsibility

Since 2017, environmental sustainability has been an organizational focus at First Credit Union.  We've accomplished a lot and continue to work hard, but we acknowledge we still have a long way to go.

We're proud to share some of the actions we have taken towards environmental sustainability so far including embarking on our first GHG Emissions Report, convening a Green Team focused on environmental sustainability with committees focused on energy use, commuting, paper use & waste management, implementing green initiatives for employees, and continuing to study our GHG emissions and identify areas of opportunity (read the latest report here).

Building a Carbon Conscious Culture

Committed to reducing our carbon footprint since 2018, we've elevated our efforts by transitioning to GHG emissions measurement starting in 2018. Utilizing an online platform, we now analyze emissions every two years, identifying key contributors like staff commuting, air travel, and paper consumption.

Our 2022 Greenhouse Gas Emission Report reveals insights, prompting us to invest in BC-based carbon offsets for the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Project (GBRCP), ensuring carbon neutrality for the year.

Despite a temporary increase in emissions due to a merger, our ongoing commitment is reflected in our comprehensive environmental impact overview and the continuous pursuit of sustainable practices.

  • 2018: 118 tCO2e
  • 2020: 86 tCO2e (reflecting a notable reduction due to the impact of COVID)
  • 2022: 129.59 tCO2e (an increase attributed to a merger resulting in additional branches)

We focus on the financial, social & environmental well-being of our communities.