Fraud prevention starts with knowledge.

Learn what fraud looks like, how you can protect yourself & what we do to help keep you safe. Take control of your security by educating yourself, so you can spot it before it happens. We'll do our part to make sure you're protected when you bank with us. Together, we can stay safe from fraud.

How we protect you

We use the best security currently available in a commercial environment so that your personal and financial information is protected.


Encryption ensures that information cannot be read in transit or changed. Some browsers create a more secure channel than others, owing to the ‘strength’ of their encryption. We use only the strongest channel available - referred to as 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Access to our databases is strictly managed and systems are in place to ensure security is not breached, including the physical security of our computer hardware and communications.

Personal Access Codes

We ensure that only individuals who provide an authentic Personal Access Code (PAC) can access your account information. After 20 minutes of inactivity your online banking session will end and you’ll be required to login again, however personal information may remain visible after that time. To ensure your information remains private you should always logout of online banking to end your session.

For more information on specific policies & practices we use to safeguard your personal and financial information see our Privacy Statement.

Protect yourself

A little know-how goes a long way. Here are a couple quick tips & common scam examples so you can help keep your assets safe and make sure your banking is secure.

Common scams