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Comox Valley Regional Rent Bank

The Ripple Effect of the Comox Valley Regional Rent Bank

Imagine a family struggling to make their way in the world when there is an unexpected expense. This is where a spiral can start, and for some, quickly surge out of control. This is what the Comox Valley Regional Rent Bank (CVRRB) aims to address.


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    Miklat: Providing Refuge from The Storm

    Miklat means 'refuge' in Hebrew - it’s a foundational concept of Miklat Recovery Society, a non-profit registered charity in Powell River that provides “a place of refuge from the storms of addiction.”

    Partnerships Bring Hope for Natural Spaces

    How do environmental policies in the Comox Valley affect the people who live there? Help from partners and supporters is essential to the viability of the work CV Land Trust does.

    Memories of the Mill

    When the end of an era arrives, wise societies take the opportunity to pause, remember and reflect, even as they move forward. There are many interconnections between the Powell River Credit Union (PRCU)—now First Credit Union—and the mill.

    Nourishing Community & Resilience in Cumberland

    Access to healthy food is something that many people take for granted. When it is limited—or doesn’t exist—learning is harder, health outcomes are poorer, and life is tougher.

    Healthy Food Builds Community in Cumberland

    Accessing healthy, fresh food is not as easy as it should be for everyone, but the Cumberland Farmer’s Market Nutrition Coupon Program is helping to change that for members of the Cumberland community.

    A Rainbow of Hope in the Comox Valley

    When you don’t have a safe place to sleep at night not much else seems very important. Unfortunately precarious housing remains a harsh reality of life for many LGBTQ2S+ and gender diverse youth in the Comox Valley.

    Community Resilience THRIVEs on Bowen Island

    Impacts of climate change & a global pandemic have created instability for many in B.C. Out of the shadows inspiring stories of community resilience and innovation have sprouted. One of them emerging on Bowen Island.

    Building Connection on Texada Island

    Community is connection. It’s where the people we love live. So, what happens if we are forced to leave our community as we age because there is nowhere suitable for us to live? The Texada Island Seniors Housing Society is helping to solve this problem.

    Member Benefits

    Just by being a First Credit Union member, you are positively impacting your community. It also entitles you to a range of benefits including voting rights, unlimited 100% guarantee on your deposits, access to a national network of over 4,000 surcharge-free ATMs, and even an opportunity to join our Board of Directors.
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