Email Safety

Email safety

Electronic identity theft can occur when you respond to a fraudulent email that asks for your personal banking information. Once received, they may be able to access your accounts or establish credit, pay for items, or borrow money using your name.

How to protect yourself 

  • Know that we will never ask for your personal passwords, personal information numbers or login information in an email. Legitimate financial institutions do not include links to their web sites in email communications to customers.
  • Look for ‘https’ in the address of secure pages that require you to enter personal account information. 
  • Look for the padlock found in the lower right corner of your screen. If the page is legitimate, by clicking on the padlock, you can view the security certificate details for the site. A fraudulent site will not have these details.
  • Type in our web address yourself to ensure you are transacting with our server.Don’t click or open an attachment if you don’t know the email sender.
  • If you receive a suspicious email or attachment from an email sender you know, send a new email to the individual to verify they sent it before opening.
  • Do not send or respond to an email where the listed email address redirects you to a different email address when replying.
  • Add Direct Banking Alerts to receive account activity notifications. Choose which events you wish to be notified about via text, email or both.  

Matters of the heart

Be aware of “sweetheart scams” where a stranger reaches out with a claim of romantic interest, and then eventually asks for your money or financial information. 

Fraudulent claims

  • If you receive a phone call or text claiming to be from your credit union and asking for personal or financial information, call your credit union directly to verify the request before providing any info
  • Be on the lookout for fake charity scams, which ramp up after catastrophes and during the holidays; verify the legitimacy of a charity before contributing to any donation requests from an unknown source.