Autodeposit is a fast and secure way to receive money sent via INTERAC e-Transfer®. It is designed to make receiving money even simpler as there is no need to select a financial institution, login to online banking, or answer a security question. With Autodeposit an INTERAC e-Transfer® is sent and the payment is automatically deposited into the bank account associated with that email address. A notification that funds were deposited is then sent.

How do I access this feature?
  1. Login to your online banking
  2. Navigate to 'Transfers'
  3. Select ‘Autodeposit’, enter your email address and select the bank account that you want associated.
You will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. Check your inbox and click on “Complete Registration”.

Autodeposit only works between financial institutions that both support the feature. If you send or receive an INTERAC e-Transfer® from an individual or business whose financial institution does not support Autodeposit, the recipient will be required to answer security questions to deposit the funds.


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