Community Investment Funds

As a member-owned cooperative, one of the ways we return profits to our members is by investing in the communities we serve. Our annual Community Investment Funds are an opportunity for local groups to apply for funds that will make an impact in our community.  

Community Investment Funds are different from our donation and sponsorship program. First, each year the size of the funds are calculated based on the size of our business; as our business grows, so does the amount we are able to award. Second, the successful applicants are chosen from a volunteer panel of employees and managers – giving all of our employees an opportunity to weigh-in on the projects that will affect the community they serve. Finally, Community Investment Funds are only available once per year. Applications are accepted in February and March; successful applicants are announced at our Annual General Meeting held in Powell River in May.


2018 Community Investment Fund recipients Expand/Collapse

Westview Agencies Community Investment Fund:

  • Senior Citizens Association of BC Branch (awarded $1,200)
    This volunteer group provides seniors with access to nutritious frozen dinners (vital since Meals on Wheels is no longer operating in our district). At present they provide over 60 meals to seniors every week. Funds will go towards cost of meals, and operating the kitchen.  

First Credit Union and Insurance Community Investment Funds:

  • K-Lumet (awarded $500)
    K-Lumet is a social enterprise embarking on a pilot project to research and test an adaptive model of inclusive employment for people with disabilities. They will employ 20 people, including 10 people with disabilities and 8 people with high barriers to employment for the duration of the pilot project. You will hear more about this innovative and exciting project at our AGM.
  • Texada Sandpiper’s Playcentre (awarded $100)
    This non-profit preschool has been in operation for over thirty years and provides preschool services for children ages 3 to 5 on Texada Island. Funds will assist with the purchase of natural playground equipment.

  • Powell River Hospital Garden Project (awarded $4,700)
    By combining land available on the hospital grounds and local gardening expertise, community organizations are joining forces to develop an on-site institutional food garden and produce market at the Powell River Hospital. Funds will assist with the purchase of garden construction materials.

  • Bowen Island Food Bank (awarded $1,100)
    The Bowen Island Food Bank has been in operation for 25 years and provides a no-threshold food pantry for people needing support. Funds will purchase a frost-free upright freezer to replace their second-hand chest freezer which is not in good shape. The freezer is used to sort food which recipients can access at any time. An upright freezer will make it easier to see what food is available and will help keep the food in better condition.

  • Glacier View Lodge Senior Centre (awarded $2,700)
    The Glacier View Lodge Senior Centre is a not-for-profit agency that provides residential care and programs for community seniors and their caregivers. In an effort to create engaging spaces and jobs that provide meaning and allow seniors to use their strengths, Glacier View is expanding one of their garden areas to grow vegetables and fruits. Funds will go towards building a greenhouse to extend their growing season and a market cart that will be used to sell the produce.
  • Cumberland Community Forest Society (CCFS) (awarded $750)
    The CCFS was formed in 2000 to purchase and protect the forest lands surrounding the Village of Cumberland for the benefit of the community. As a result of increased forest use by residents, schools, and visitors, the CCFS has created The Forest Footprint Project to engage the community in dialogue, education and creative problem solving to help ensure the long-term ecological integrity of the forests the community is working so hard to protect. Funds will go towards developing learning materials, curriculum kits or community programs to explore the ecological impact of our ‘footprint’ on the Cumberland Forest.  
  • Cumberland Community Housing Society (CCHS) (awarded $1,550)
    The CCHS is a non-profit affordable housing organization that was recently formed to help facilitate the development of affordable housing in Cumberland through forming partnerships within the community to help find opportunities for development. Funds will be used to help this new society begin work on its mandate.

2017 Community Investment Fund recipients Expand/Collapse

Westview Agencies Community Impact Fund:

  • Powell River Technology Co-op (awarded $1,200):
    The project is an interactive public art installation for multiple public events, allowing PR Technology Co-op to start dialogues with the public about the accessible technology that the project was built around. This fits into the greater PR Technology Co-op mandate to promote technological product development in Powell River by providing opportunities and assistance learning new technology.

First Credit Union and Insurance Community Investment Funds:

  • Powell River Therapeutic Riding Association (awarded $4,600):
    Will be using the funds towards building a much needed two-stall shelter beside their existing barn. The PRTRA works collaboratively within our community to provide therapeutic horseback riding for children and adults with physical, mental, emotional, and learning disabilities. 
  • Cumberland Market (awarded $1,000):
    The Cumberland Market is intended to provide Cumberland residents with access to fresh local food, encourage Cumberlanders to grow (and sell) their own food, and increase awareness around food security. The money will help support the Cumberland Coupon program which gives Cumberland residents in need $20 in market coupons each week to spend on fresh whole foods.
  • Coal Hills BMX (awarded $1,000):
    Coal Hills BMX is hosting the 2017 Vancouver Island Nationals this June. The event attracts riders from across Canada and the US, positively impacting local riders, the community and local businesses. The funds will go towards upgrades and maintenance of the track and building repairs.
  • Vanier Community Garden (awarded $2,700):
    The Vanier Community Garden is a project that will provide growing and educational space to students at Vanier High School during the school year and to community members and organizations during the summer months. Their aim is to create an outdoor learning space that will serve as a model to the rest of the community.
  • Texada Food Bank (awarded $500):
    Texada Food Bank is open twice a month; they provide balanced, nutritious food support to those in need.
  • Bowen Island Museum and Archives (awarded $1,000):
    Bowen Island Museum and Archives is creating an attractive garden pathway that will be wheelchair accessible providing seniors located further down Senior Rd to have safe access to the heart of Snug Cove Village. They are including several park benches and gardens along the way. Outdoor artifacts and archival photos will be displayed is designated areas for community interest and education.

2016 Community Investment Fund recipients Expand/Collapse

  • Powell River Child, Youth & Family Services (Recreation Wednesdays): $4,400
  • Comox Valley Therapeutic Riding Society (Barn Buddies): $2,700
  • Texada Food Bank: $650
  • Cumberland 50 Plus H.U.B. Society: $1,400
  • Coast Animal Welfare and Education Society (CAWES): $1,000
  • (Westview Agencies Fund) PR Community Resource Centre (Monday Brunch): $1,200

2015 Community Investment Fund recipients Expand/Collapse

  • Powell River Hospice Society: $4,150
  • Texada Island Health Services Society (Cancer Group): $650
  • CV Family Services Association (Creating Calm Program): $2,700
  • Cumberland Community Schools Society (Mamacentric Program): $800
  • Bowen Island Snug Cove House Society: $850
  • (Westview Agencies Fund) Assumption Soup Kitchen: $600
  • (Westview Agencies Fund) Kaleidoscope Art Collective: $600

2014 Community Investment Fund recipients Expand/Collapse

  • Powell River Family Place: $4,000
  • Courtenay Elementary School Friendship Garden: $2,700
  • Texada Island Library: $650
  • Cumberland Motorcycle Roundup: $700
  • Bowen Island Community School PAC: $750
  • (Westview Agencies Fund) Powell River Parks & Wildnerness: $600
  • (Westview Agencies Fund) Powell River Council for Arts, Culture & Heritage: $600
    If you have any questions please contact

    Community Investment Fund Application Guidelines Expand/Collapse

    Consideration for donations and sponsorships is given to those applications that meet the following criteria:
    • Applicants are community-based, non-profit, volunteer, public service, or charitable organizations
    • Proposals focus on at least one of the focus areas described below;
    • Applicants serve the communities of Powell River, Texada, Comox Valley, Cumberland or Bowen Island.

    Consideration cannot be given to those applications:
    • Where only one individual benefits;
    • Where funding supports travel costs;
    • Where funding will be used for operation costs;
    • Where the project is for-profit
    • Where the primary purpose of the project is to promote a specific religious, social, political, or economic point of view;
    • That represent a conflict of interest for First Credit Union, specific programs which are considered to be controversial, or where First Credit Union considers the issue to be one that our members may have significantly divergent views.

    Fund applications related to the following focus areas are welcomed:

    Access and inclusion: These projects increase access to opportunities that contribute to the ability of individuals and communities to fully participate in the local culture and an enhanced quality of life. Examples could include arts and culture and recreation programs.

    Community learning: These projects improve the accessibility of learning opportunities and address education, learning, or training gaps in our communities - especially for those with special needs or barriers to learning. Projects could include workshops or education/training seminars.

    Economic revitalization: These projects improve the economic well-being of individuals and communities. Projects could include poverty reduction; housing; organizational and community capacity building; and social enterprise (non-profit organizations operating a business)

    Community transformation: These projects engage citizens, neighbourhoods, and organizations in our communities. Projects could include programs that support volunteering, community work, or empowering residents to help make our communities the best they can be.

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