Mobile Banking

ALERT! Countdown to Upgrade to V11 for iOS

Version 11 (V11) of the mobile banking app is now available. As of June 1 2016, users on previous versions of the iOS mobile banking app (such as V7, V7.5, and V10) will receive notification to upgrade to V11 at the time of login. After 15 days, if the user has not upgraded, they will not be able to log in.

Depending on the device and user settings:

  • users can automatically upgrade to V11 if their device settings are set to automatically install updates.
  • iOS users can upgrade through the App Store app. Members can either search for their mobile banking app or view pending updates and select their mobile banking app to upgrade.

Users who do not update the app can continue to perform their daily banking thorugh online banking, mobile web and text banking.

Mobile Banking App

Introducing the First Credit Union mobile app, available on iPhone and Android™ devices. With a host of convenient features, it’s a fast and secure way to handle everyday banking wherever and whenever it suits you. With the First Credit Union mobile app you can:

  • Check your account balances and account activity
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Manage scheduled payments and transfers
  • Check the latest interest rates
  • Send or receive an Interac® e-Transfer, or add an Interac e-Transfer recipient
  • Find our your closest branch or ATM


  • There are no new passwords to remember. All account log-in information is the same as your online banking information
  • Fast and easy to navigate
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android devices

Check balances in a flash with QuickView

Now you can browse selected account balances on the go, even before you’ve logged in. Just activate the QuickView feature in the app, and a single tap of the screen will keep you in the know.

Privacy and Security

It’s our priority to keep your information safe, which is why our mobile app uses the same level of high security as our full online banking website.

Any questions?

See our Frequently Asked Questions section below.



Mobile Banking App - FAQs

Do I have to pay anything?            

The First Credit Union mobile app  is free for our members to download, and you will never be charged for using the app. However, since the mobile app uses data, your carrier may charge, so standard data and messaging rates may apply.

How do I download the mobile app?

The First Credit Union mobile app can be downloaded in just three easy steps:

  • For iPhone users:

1. Using your iPhone, search for “First Credit Union (BC)" in the App Store
2. Select the app icon, and verify that the author of the app is First Credit Union (BC)
3. Tap the icon marked "Free," then tap again when it changes to "Install"

  • For Android™ users:

1. Using your Android phone, tap the search icon and search for “First Credit Union (BC)” on Google Play™
2. Select the app icon, and verify that the author of the app is First Credit Union (BC)
3. Tap the icon marked "Install," then tap “Accept” in the next screen

What is QuickView?

The unique QuickView feature displays the balances of your selected accounts at any time the app is open, without needing to login first.

Does the QuickView feature automatically display my balances?

The default setting of the QuickView feature is "Off". You can turn on QuickView under Settings / Preferences on the mobile app.

Will the mobile app work if I have a shared or joint account?

Yes. Just enter your account details as you normally would.

Will I still see my Personal Access Image when I log in?

No. Since the authenticity of the app is already verified by Apple / Google Play, you won't have to go through this step to access your accounts and start banking.

If my phone is lost or stolen, will my information be at risk?

Your account can only be accessed by entering your personal access code. However, if you have activated the QuickView feature, your account balances will be visible. For additional security, we recommend you keep your phone password protected. Please note: at any time, you can stop the mobile app from accessing your account information by un-pairing it on our banking website. As a rule, you should contact your mobile carrier right away to deactivate your phone.

I'm using a different brand of smartphone. Can I still access mobile banking?

Yes. You can continue to bank using our full-featured mobile site at:

How do I remove the app from my phone?

  • For iPhone users: removing the app is as easy as tapping and holding your finger down on the First Credit Union mobile app icon, then tapping the "X" in the top right corner.
  • For Android users: if you’ve installed an app on your phone or tablet using Google Play that you no longer want, you can uninstall it by following these steps: 1. Visit your device's Settings menu > Apps or Application manager (this may differ depending on your device). 2. Touch the app you’d like to uninstall. 3. Select Uninstall.



Mobile Text Banking

Mobile text banking gives you real-time access to your accounts wherever you happen to be. Just send a quick text message to your account and you'll receive a message back. It's fast, it's easy and it's free.*

It works on all text-enabled phones. It doesn't matter what kind of cell phone you have, as long as you can send and receive text messages.

Check account balances and recent account activity information from anywhere you can get a signal-instantly. You'll get the account information you want, when you need it. There's no need to find a computer to check your account balance. And, have peace of mind with the ability to instantly check what activity has taken place with your account.

Your personal information is always secure as the only information that is transmitted is your account balance or your recent account activity. Even if you lose your phone, no one will be able to make changes to your account, steal funds or personal or financial information. And, it's quick and easy to cancel mobile text banking if needed.

Ready to sign up?

Getting started with mobile text banking is easy. All you need is access to online banking. Don't have online banking access? Contact your branch to sign up today.

If you're already on online banking user:

  1. Login to your online banking account and click on mobile banking
  2. Enter your mobile phone information
  3. You'll receive a text message with your passcode
  4. Confirm your passcode and select the accounts you want to access with mobile banking

Once you've signed up, it's easy to use.

Account Balance

To check your account balance, simply text BAL to MONEY (66639). Within moments, you will receive a text message with your account balance information.

All Account Balances

To check all of your account balances, simply text BAL ALL to MONEY (66639). You'll receive a text message with the balance information for all your selected accounts.

Transaction History

To view your recent account activity, simply text ACT to MONEY (66639). You'll then receive a text message with your five most recent transactions on your account.

And, to make it even easier, you can save the short code MONEY (66639) in your phone for quick and easy access. You can even save your text messages and simply resend for future use.

*Standard text messaging rates may apply depending on your provider and plan.


Find Branch/ATM

Enter address, postal code or branch name