With your First Credit Union Member Card, you have access to a national network of ding free ATMs from BC to Newfoundland, which means you pay no surcharge fees at thousands of credit union and other participating ATMs across Canada. It's a network of ATMs that's bigger than most banks and it's all ding free.

Look for the ding free decal at participating ATMs:

What's a ding free® ATM?

Members enjoy access to thousands of ding free ATMs across Canada (an ATM network bigger than most banks). "ding free" means that members pay no surcharges at credit union and other participating ATMs across Canada for withdrawals, deposits and balance inquiries.

What’s a surcharge?

A surcharge is a fee that the ATM owner charges to a user. Surcharges range from $1 to $3 and come with a warning screen before the ATM transaction is complete. Surcharges are not the same as transaction or account fees, which would appear on a member's monthly statement - i.e. when a member exceeds the limits of a package account that comes with a fixed amount of free transactions per month.

Find a ding free® ATM on the First Credit Union mobile app

Just click on the Find Us button on our mobile app and you can locate your closest ding free ATM!

Travelling outside of Canada? Look for the Accel® and Cirrus Networks

First Credit Union members also have access to over 500,000* ATMs in the US through the Accel® network. Just look for the Accel® network logo. And when traveling internationally look for the Cirrus Network logo.

* Surcharging may occur at US locations

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